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Exhibiting at the BBF Pro 2019

BBF Pro Expo is an exhibition fair that takes place on the same site as the festival, and is attended by more than 1000 professionals from across the sector. It is designed for all companies that offer a product or service that is necessary for the preparation or distribution of craft beer. It focuses on providing an opportunity to present or position your company in a growing market. The metrics can be read at  “The state of craft beer in Catalonia” study (jointly developed by Beer Events and GECAN)  and includes data from 95% of the 105 factories that are based in Catalonia. The report, among other indicators, determines that the consumption of craft beer has already reached 1% of overall beer consumption, and that there is an increase of 40% per year in production. In the last four years, the production has quadrupled, and production factories have increased from 39 in 2012, to 105 in 2017.

Registration is currently open for those wanted to exhibit at the 2019 BBF Pro Expo, with the event taking place on the days of the festival (15 – 17 March, 2018) within the premises of the Farga de l’Hospitalet. To know the conditions don’t hesitate to contact us.

The information you provide will be processed by BEER EVENTS, S.L., those responsible for the website, in order to process your data to meet your request. The data provided will be kept as long as a commercial relationship remains in force or for the required time period necessary to comply with the legal obligations. Legitimation is obtained through the pre-contractual relationship. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. You can exercise your rights at [email protected]

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Attending as a Professional

To be accredited and enjoy the advantages of attending as a sector professional, you can obtain accreditation HERE. DOWNLOAD THE DOSSIER ON THE ADVANTAGES OF ACCREDITATION

If you prefer to write an email, you can do so to the following email address:

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Other collaborations


The Barcelona Beer Festival has always sought to be a meeting point for the sector and a place to exchange experiences, knowledge and passion. To achieve this, the links established with the guild, entities, associations, other festivals and a multitude of actors within the sector, local, national and international, have been fundamental.

Barcelona Beer Festival’s current collaborations :

If you would like to collaborate with us at the festival, you can write to: [email protected]


If you are interested in sponsorship options, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

Exhibitors confirmed for 2018

P.I Fabra i Coats, fàbrica nº4 – 08571 Borgonyà – BARCELONA

(+34) 93 889 20 88

AgronetBrewing, a company specializing in breweries, offers the best service, advice and customer service to facilitate the work of companies within the sector, stocking the best brands, as well as a wide range of products to cover all quality beer brewing needs.

Loc. San Grato, 2 – 12058 S. Stefano Belbo (CN) – Italy

(+39) -0141-822867 / Mob. (+39) -346-0348520

Canellitech realizes bottling and packaging plants with a constant search for quality.

The company proposes machineries able to satisfy different hourly productions for various products.

Among the equipments are available:

– rinser/ blower to clean the inside of bottles

– filler with different systems of filling device:  gravity and counterpressure

– corker available for cork, aluminium/plastic screw, crown and twist-off cap

– labellers

Via Dell’artigianato 4, Sarcedo 36030 (VI) Italia

(+39) 0445 361638 / (+39) 0438 4147

EasyBräu-Velo is a brand totally dedicated to the beer world. Our systems are flexible and can be customized to the production needs of breweries and microbreweries. We also provide optimal solutions for pasteurization, washing and cooling. Our product range includes:

Craft beer plants with 1 – 40 Hl brewhouses: Systems with two or more vessels with a degree of automation raging from semiautomatic to fully automatic. Beer plants with 50 – 100 Hl brewhouses: Systems engineered with an industrial, yet extremely flexible design with a high degree of automation.

Apdo. 43, 39300 Torrelavega SPAIN

(+34) 942 82 44 11

Landaluce is a family company founded in 1948. With references in more than 70 countries for the most important brewing companies an with the best technology for the craft brewers. With high experience in manufacturing brewhouses, fermenting tanks or mash filters, Landaluce has also developed specific products for the craft sector as mash filters, hop extractors or yeast propagators which allows to use the most modern technology for craft brewing.

2001 SW 6th Street, Lincoln, NE, USA

(+1) 402 475 2337

American Beer Equipment (ABE), located in the Heartland of America, has a very simple mission; “Be THE worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying craft brewing equipment.” ABE proudly provides the world’s brewers and distillers with high quality, innovative, custom built equipment with unbeatable personal service. ABE is dedicated to being your complete one-stop source from brewhouses to canning lines and everything in between. If you can brew it,  ABE can design and build it!

Rue du Cloître 75/ 1020 Bruselas/ Bélgica

(+34) 629 162 574 / (+32)  475 437 159

BRAND FINAL TOUCH: Aquest concepte permet diferenciar una cervesa de base clàssica i neutra en diferents tipus de cerveses especials just abans de l’embotellament i fabricar cerveses especials clàssiques com witbier, IPAs, abadia, stouts, sour ale, i cerveses de fruites.

Oferim una alternativa de producció que permet una major flexibilitat, la possibilitat de respondre ràpidament a les demandes del mercat i assegurar una major estabilitat de la qualitat de les cerveses especials produïdes.

Calle San Amaro, 9 – Vigo 36203

(+34) 678 83 27 01

We represent Boortmalt NV, the second largest malster in Europe, on an exclusive basis. Our brands Pauls Malt, Belgomalt, Les Maltiers and Minch Malt offer a wide assortment of origin-related malts to pick from by the brewer, grown and malted in the UK, Belgium, France and Ireland. All of them part of Malt Houses of Europe, Boortmalt´s craft malt division. From our local stock, we do fast deliveries to all of Spain and Portugal.

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII n°6 28076Pogno (NO) ITALY

(+39) 0322 950116

We are specialized in the supply of components for draft beer equipment and for the beverage industry. We have established business relations with various international partners who allow us to gather a broad distribution network and more than 5.000 products always available in stock. Our company aims to offer a constant, fast and reliable service to our customers, establishing a long-lasting relationship.

P.I. La Isla. C/ Denario, 14- 41703, Dos Hermanas SEVILLA

(+34) 95 435 50 11

With over 40 years experience, Reyvarsur Dispensing is dedicated to providing solutions for the dispensing of keg beverages. Extensive technical knowledge and a mastery of technology allow us to develop projects and complete solutions to facilitate our clients’ work. We are manufacturers so we can customize our products, adapt to small series and exceed customer expectations in the search for the perfect beer.

Avda. Tarragona, 37-41, 4ª Planta – 08720 Vilafranca del Penedès – BARCELONA

(+34) 93 817 20 51

Consultancy firm specialized in the management of permits, authorizations and declarations for breweries: Sanitary Register, CAE (Code of Activity and Establishment), environmental licenses, books and declarations, Special Taxes. Agri-industrial engineering: study, advice and technical execution of brewery projects, industrial safety, food quality, etc.

Aragó, 4-6 08015 Barcelona

Beer Events SL was founded in 2012 by 4 partners with links to the craft beer sector since the 1990s. Originally, it born as a response to organising the “Barcelona Beer Festival”, but has gradually expanded, specialising in the management of events linked to craft beer at all levels; always operating with the goal of spreading our passion for quality craft beer.

Plaza José F. Arcenegui, s/n, 24270, Villanueva de Carrizo, León

(+34) 987 35 70 15

Since 1945 we market almost whole hops grown in our country. 100% of  hops have been cultivated in Spain and are processed in the modern facilities that the Company owns in Villanueva de Carrizo (León) under the highest quality standards. To supply any hop variety and hop products to any kind of brewer is the main goal of the company.

Via Catalani, 15 – Z.I. Bassa 50050  Cerreto  Guidi  (FI) Italia

(+39) 0571 580328

We design, manufacture and install stainless brew-houses. With great seriousness and professionalism we work in the field of stainless steel containers with over 10 years of experience. Our mission is to keep up with the times by implementing and developing new technologies. We invest a lot of resources in these new increasingly complex and sophisticated methods, to guarantee to the customer a final product of the highest quality.

Lightweight Containers b.v Koperslagersweg 4 – 1786 RA Den Helder – HOLANDA

(+31)223 760760

Lightweight Containers is the creator of KeyKeg and UniKeg, a world leader in the single-use packaging market for beer, wine, kombucha and other beverages. Our company offers a broad variety of kegs, available in 10, 20 and 30 litres sizes. The kegs are made of recycled material and are the only ones that fit within a circular economy model. Together with OneCircle, an initiative of Lightweight Containers, we collect, classify and process KeyKegs to be reused as raw material for new KeyKegs.

Calle Antonio López 249 – 1º 28041 MADRID

(+34) 91 500 10 26

Maltas Cerveceros dedicated to the commercialization of a wide range of ingredients focused on the production of craft beer. Highlights include grains of different malted cereals from Bindewald, -the client brand we exclusively represent in Spain and Portugal-, and hops, yeasts and other ingredients. We are committed to quality and traceability from cultivation through to the micro-brewery stage, with the help of Bindewald and its more-than-100 years of experience.

Can Malé s/n Lliçà d´Amunt

(+34) 640.680.724

Craft Beer Clúster is a non-profit association that works to join forces and strengthen the craft beer sector. One of the company’s main goals is to establish connections to achieve new opportunities by combining knowledge and innovation. The headquarters is located in Lliçà d’Amunt (Barcelona), where a factory and a laboratory are scheduled to open. It is a fully-rounded project, from the field to the glass, with local produce.

Castle Malting S.A.,1 chemin du Couloury 4800 Lambermont, BÉLGICA

(+32) 878 40324


Established in 1868, Castle Malting® is the oldest malting company in Belgium and one of the oldest in the world. We offer a wide range of premium quality malts for any type of beer or whiskey: more than 80 types of base and special malts, also available in organic versions. With an agency in Barcelona, to be closer to you: MASMALTA.COM

C/ Bèlgica, 5 – Les Franqueses del Vallès 08520 (Barcelona)

(+34) 93 849 34 55

[email protected]

CYGYC – BIOCON is a leading company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of food enzymes, detergents, disinfectants and other chemical specialties for use in both the industrial and craft brewing sectors. Our vocation of service and more-than-40 years of experience in the industrial application of our products enable us to help our clients to develop new projects and continuously improve their processes.

Simonshöfchen 53, 42327 Wuppertal, Germany

(+49)202 695 320

THINK NEW. CLEAN GREEN! Perfect hygiene and cleanliness as well as groundbreaking ecological compatibility – this is what Spülboy has been known as the No1 of the manual glasswasher for more than 40 years. Original Spülboy models need no electricity, less water, are mobile and convince by their ease of use and the unique Hygienic Design. The result: more quality of life and enjoyment thanks to 100% hygienic clean glasses! Innovation and Quality made in Germany. Cheers!

C/ Reyes Católicos, 6. NAVE 105. POL. IND 28108 Alcobendas. Madrid. ESPAÑA

(+34) 91 661 68 52

SEFILTRA, S.A. is a company specialised in the purification of liquids, with over 30 years’ experience in the beverage industry. We have a presence across Spain and offer solutions for filtering beer, wine, mineral water, soft drinks, liqueurs, juices, etc. At BBF, we present the KOCH technology in cross-flow filtration for the beer industry. Through this, we obtain isobaric conditions that prevent oxidation and where microbiology is controlled. We offer you the best technology to solve your beer filtration needs.

Doornhoek 3880, 5465 TB Veghel, PAISES BAJOS

(+31) 413 78 3880

SBI is a purchase partner for craft breweries that select the best quality ingredients and products. Save time and money via ‘one-stop-shopping’.


Kirstinehøj 12770 Kastrup DENMARK

(+1) 45-3161-5142

White Labs, Inc. is an international company headquartered in San Diego, California that provides pure liquid yeast, fermentation products, services, analysis and education to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Continually raising the bar in the art of fermentation, White Labs stretches the limits of science to set new standards in purity and freshness. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast, to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, the White Labs innovative spirit is tireless. White Labs has distribution from Hong Kong, China to Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia. For more information on White Labs and its various products and services, please visit

Paseo de la Castellana 7ºpl 28046 Madrid

(+34) 91 781 98 90

GF is the global specialist for the safe and reliable transportation of glycol/brine in Breweries. Corrosion free preinsulated system, energy efficient without maintenance.

C/ Provenza 30, 08029 Barcelona

(34) 93 410 81 85

Microcervecerías sistema MicroCube Steinecker para volumenes desde 5 a 100 hectolitros por cocción

Via Petro Nenni, 51 Calcinate, Bergamo ITALIA

(+39) 035 452 2245

PolyKeg s.r.l, an Italian company with a UK branch and a rising production unit in Spain, is specialized in the production of large one way PET bottles, for different applications in the draft beverage sector. The field experience and constant research make our product highly innovative, safe and of high quality. Our kegs, avilable with bag and standard, in different sizes and different valves, make PolyKeg an easy and safe choice.

Vía Laietana, 19, 2 08003 BARCELONA

(+34) 93 552 03 41

Molina for Brewers is the best ally for brewers in the development of new products, offering the best brands of specialty raw materials for the production of the best beers, whilst providing meticulous service and attention to detail. Our activity is focused on the Iberian Peninsula, where we collaborate with company leaders in their product categories, including: Weyermann, Fermentis, Charles Faram, Biolupulus, TNS, Ashland and Dupont.

Carretera de Pulianas km6, 18012 Pulianas, GRANADA

(+34) 958 40 60 00

THIELMANN PORTINOX is equipped with the greatest levels of expertise when it comes to beverage containers. Being guaranteed that all of your company’s drink containers are made with the highest quality stainless steel means having a distribution solution that offers the highest returns on investment, in addition to this being the most hygienic, reliable, safe and 100% recyclable material. Ensure the organoleptic properties of your product, from the production stage right to the end consumer.

633 CTC Boulevard Suite 100, Louisville, CO 80027, United States

(+34) 606 63 45 81

Wild Goose Canning – Meheen Manufacturing designs, engineers and manufactures world-class canning and bottling systems for craft beverage producers. Every machine is built to customer specifications to make premium canning and bottling possible and profitable. With an emphasis on precision craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, Wild Goose-Meheen fillers help craft producers package their best products, ensuring the quality and consistency of every batch from tank to can or bottle.

NürnbergMesse GmbH, Messezentrum 90471 Nürnberg, ALEMANIA

(+49) 911 8606-8609

BrauBeviale is one of the most important capital goods trade fairs for the beverage industry worldwide. With more than four decades of experience in trade fairs and congresses for the international beverage industry, it is part of the Beviale Family network which is now offering a range of new, targeted events to get even closer to the target groups worldwide – even for a specific type of drink such as craft beer. Whether your focus is on the global market or in regional sections, Beviale Family events will bring you closer to your market. Right now, Beviale Family summarizes different events in about 10 countries worldwide. To be continued…

Local, Carrer de Joaquim Valls, 109, 08042 Barcelona

(+34) 93 346 46 56

A company specializing in the supply of beverages since 1996. The sale and distribution of technical material for production, fabrication and dispensing of beverages, including beer, wine, coffee, vermouth and many others. More than 30 years’ technical service experience with the dispensing of beer and other beverages. Advisory service and quotes for projects, the cleaning and maintenance of dispensing systems, facilities for individuals, and large projects. Company focused on both individuals and homebrewers, craft brewers and hospitality professionals such as bars, restaurants, brewpubs and breweries.

Pol.Ind. SKOL- 17451 Sant Feliu de Buixalleu (Gi)

(+34) 972 871 488

Established in 1923, it is a leading European company in the production and marketing of crown caps. Throughout these more-than-90 years of service, we have become known for our attention to detail and customer service, our respect for the environment and sustainability, and our constant updating of our production equipment, which allows us able to be competitive on all levels. We are certified by the norms FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001. At José Combalía S.A., the crown cap is history and the future!

Unit 1, Foundry Business Park, Ordsall Lane Salford M53LW. England


We have over 40 years of installation experience between us and well over 100 years of brewing experience. At heart we are Brewers and brewing is our passion, using this experience we have broughtmany new successful breweries to market. We have installed over 400 breweries worldwide and have many satisfied customers around the globe. Whatever your brewery requirements are we will be able to help you, just give us a call or visit our website. Brewing as easy as P.B.C.

Barth-Haas UK Ltd, Hop Pocket Lane, Paddock Wood, Kent, UK, TN12 6DQ

(+44) (0) 1892 833 415 / +34 629 331 965 (Spain & Portugal agents)

[email protected] / [email protected] (Spain & Portugal agents)

Simply Hops is at the heart of craft brewing, and as the younger brother to Barth-Haas Group we have some serious backing in the hop world. Craft beer requires a specific type of service. Something responsive, personal and understanding of a craft brewer’s needs. Hops and hop products are our passion. Focusing our energy into bringing craft brewers the hops they need, our team is made up of experienced brewers and highly trained technicians. Whatever you need, Simply Hops have got you covered.

Chicago, IL, EEUU

(+1 (773)-549-4800 )

The Cicerone Certification Program® certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.


C/ Serra i Ginesta, 12 17800 Olot GIRONA

(+34) 972 27 65 92

Importers of Redchurch and Het Nest for Spain. Official Catalonian distributors of The Kernel, Magic Rock, Beavertown, Kees, Brewski, Dry & Bitter, Het Uiltje, Wild Beer, De Dolle Brouwers, BFM, Pochs, Mad Brewing, De Molen, Lervig, Alvinne, Toccalmatto, Struise, Stigbergets, O/O Brewing… Contact us and we can help you with any questions/queries you may have.

C/ Romero, 10. Nave A31. Pol Empresarium. ZARAGOZA

(+34) 659 644 061

A family business since 2004, dedicated to and passionate about the world of craft beer. Distributors of brands such as Ayinger, Borgo, Italian, Camba, Stfeuillien, Stgeorgenbräu; and specialized in lambic beers such as Cantillon, Tilquin, Boon, Oud berseel, Loverbeer… We also carry out training courses, and online sales of beers and brewing materials.

C/ Illueca, 5 Esc 2 – 10C. 50008 ZARAGOZA

(+34) 629 02 11 41

We import Canadian craft beer to Europe. Our inventory includes Canadian ciders, and beers from USA and European countries. We are based in Europe and North America. We have a warehouse in Barcelona and our company’s strategic location in Montreal allows us to act as a link between both continents.

C/ Múrcia, 54 nave – 08027 – BARCELONA

(+34) 617 61 40 15

We are passionate about beer! We offer what we like the most! A REFRIGERATED 600-square meter store in Barcelona city! We can work everywhere! Diligence and professionalism. We are distributors for: SOMA BEER, GUINEU, LA QUINCE, DOUGALL’S, CALEYA, JAKOBSLAND, KUSFOLLIN, MOSKA, SYNERA, PLAGUE, ZULOGAARDEN, POPAIRE, FOUR LIONS, ZETA BEER, BIDASSOA, BBCo, and many others. CHEERS!!!

Calle Mercedes Barris 6 41900 Camas – SEVILLA

(+34) 654 24 71 40

32GATATPOWER originates from XXXII, the first Beershop in Seville. Within 5 years, it has consolidated itself as a benchmark in craft beer thanks to collaboration with the sector’s best players, expanding its horizons, having classic Belgian and German beers, as well as an imported Craft selection that includes: Brlo (DT) , Pontino, Hilltop, Rebels, RitualLab, Vento Forte (IT).

C/ Barriocepo nº 54 Bj Cp 26001 LOGROÑO LA RIOJA

(+34) 646 552 163

Bierhaus Odeon beer and the Microdistribution store for La Rioja and surroundings, where you can find more than 250 references of national and international beers. Possibility of selecting stock for the hospitality industry or gourmet shops. Customized tastings are carried out in addition to the training of hotel staff.

Ctra. de Martorell, 98, 08740 Sant Andreu de la Barca, BARCELONA

(+34) 93 653 14 20

We have been serving the restoration industry since 1965. We import, distribute and represent national and international craft breweries across the peninsula and Europe. We are defined by our DIVERSITY, with more than 1000 products, EXPERIENCE AND RECOGNITION, and QUALITY SERVICE, (storage and cold service).

C/ Caterina Albert 4, Pol.Ind. Montfullà 17162 Bescanó – GIRONA

(+34) 972 246 319 / (+34) 619 270 910

We deal with SOMA Beer and export local beers. We are the exclusive importers for Spain of Brekeriet, Tanker and Sahtipaja. We also import US brands such as Prairie, Cigar City, Evil Twin, Alesmith, Lost Abbey, and many more. We are the exclusive distributors for Catalonia of To Øl, Amager, Tempest Brewing, Wylam, Against the Grain, Stillwater, Smuttynose, Oppigards and Poppels. We offer storage solutions and cold delivery service.

Feixa Llarga 66 08907 Hospitalet de Llobregat – BARCELONA

(+34) 93 250 90 97

Importer and official distributor of products from some of the best factories across the peninsular, including Siren, Omnipollo, Buxton, Põhjala, Moor, BBNº, etc.  3000m3 of cold storage. Advice, installation and tap maintenance.

Avda. Catalunya, 4 08185 Lliçà de Vall

(+34) 655 99 17 73

At Beers & Co., we import and distribute a broad range of quality beers. We have a  400m2 warehouse located only 15 minutes from Barcelona with a refrigerated chamber. We are importers of Whiplash, Kinnegar, O’Brothers, White Hag (Ireland), Tiny Rebel (England), Sudden Death Brewing (Germany), Beer Here (Denmark). We also distribute across Catalonia (Cervisiam, Gross, Schlappe-Seppel, La Pirata … Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Carretera del Mig 55 08907 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat – BARCELONA

(+34) 93 335 49 63

We at Crusat S.A. import and distribute beers. We distribute only the best brands, using our network of partners across the country. We organise and offer tasting sessions, presentations about our represented brands, beer training for the hotel trade. Training and advice about your brewing project. Baladin, Thornbridge, Almogàver, Brooklyn, Oskar Blues, Stone.

Practical Information

Dates: 15 – 17 March, 2019

Festival Opening Times:

  • Friday and Saturday: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Sunday: 11:00 – 21:00

BBF Pro Expo Opening Times:

  • Friday and Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00
  • Sunday: 11:00 – 15:00


La Farga de l’Hospitalet (

Carrer Barcelona, 2, 08901 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Public Transport:

  • Tube: Line 1 (Red)
    • Stop Rambla Just Oliveres


We do not have parking spaces assigned to the festival. There is paid parking in the shopping centre next to the festival premises.