How to participate?

Exhibiting at the BBF Pro 2020

BBF Pro Expo is an exhibition fair that takes place on the same site as the festival, and is attended by more than 1500 professionals from across the sector. It is designed for all companies that offer a product or service that is necessary for the preparation or distribution of craft beer. It focuses on providing an opportunity to present or position your company in a growing market. The metrics can be read at  “The state of craft beer in Catalonia” study (jointly developed by Beer Events and GECAN)  and includes data from 93% of the 109 factories that are based in Catalonia. The report, among other indicators, determines that the consumption of craft beer has already reached 1,8% of overall beer consumption, and that there is an increase of 20% per year in production. In the last four years, the production has quadrupled, and production factories have increased from 39 in 2012, to 109 in 2018.

We’re currently working to be able to host the 9th edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival and the 6th edition of the BBF Pro, circumstances permitting. If you need any information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Attending as a Professional

Just send us an email if you want to find out the advantages of attending the festival as a professional and we’ll be delighted to help and explain how the BBF business ecosystem can nourish your activity.

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Other collaborations


The Barcelona Beer Festival has always sought to be a meeting point for the sector and a place to exchange experiences, knowledge and passion. To achieve this, the links established with the guild, entities, associations, other festivals and a multitude of actors within the sector, local, national and international, have been fundamental.

Barcelona Beer Festival’s current collaborations :

If you would like to collaborate with us at the festival, you can write to: [email protected]


If you are interested in sponsorship options, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected]


With its technical services and after-sales network distributed across Spain, AGROVIN offers the equipment necessary to make beer, from the brewhouse and warehouse through to bottling.
The following international business partners help it with this: SPADONI (brewhouses, warehouses and filtration processes) SPX FLOW (vertical centrifugal separators), CIME CAREDDU (isobaric filling machines for cans and bottles) and ENOS (self-adhesive labellers). Also offers bottle depalletisers, packers and palletising robots.
For more information, visit

Stand Nº 19

OneCircle: Kegs that connect
OneCircle is revolutionising the beer industry with an innovative, safe and sustainable range of sustainable PET kegs. We provide premium protection for draught beverages with a significant reduction in transport costs and CO2 emissions. With our offer of KeyKeg and UniKeg, which after use serve as raw material for new kegs, we complete the circle.
Find out more at the OneCircle stand or on

Stand Nº 35/37

Maltas Cerveceros dedicated to the commercialization of a wide range of ingredients focused on the production of craft beer. Highlights include grains of different malted cereals from Bindewald, -the client brand we exclusively represent in Spain and Portugal-, and hops, yeasts and other ingredients. We are committed to quality and traceability from cultivation through to the micro-brewery stage, with the help of Bindewald and its more-than-100 years of experience.

Stand Nº 34

Easybräu-Velo is the division of TMCI Padovan dedicated to the craft beer. Small and medium breweries and brewpubs from 1 to 40 hl, complete plants from 50 to 100 hl.
Turnkey and customized plants for our customer to choose the most suitable system, in terms of size and production capacity.
Installation and start-up are included in our projects, handled by teams made of engineers, brewers and high skilled technicians who will provide also a high standard specialized training.

Stand Nº 33

AgronetBrewing, a company specialized in the distribution of products for breweries, offers the best service, advice and customer service to ease the work of all companies in the sector.It also offers the best brands as it has an extensive catalog of national and international products, all of them of high quality, to cover all the needs that the brewing process requires.

Stand Nº 36

Brew&Hub in Cordoba is a groundbreaking facility. We provide a space where brewers can produce their beers with all the quality controls and assurances that define us after more than 125 years in the sector.
The true value of Brew&Hub lives in versatility of the facility. Our plant has been specifically designed to produce a wide array of styles, in a broad range of sizes. Additionally, you can count on cutting edge technology to customize your product on-site, throughout the entire process, from product design to packaging and labeling.

Stand Nº 8

With about 1,000 employees, more than 15,000 references, 15 brands, 8 production facilities, a widespread network of 10 subsidiaries and more than 90 agents, CFT Group is synonymous of quality, innovation and reliability worldwide.

Thanks to the know-how and expertise of its companies Rolec and Comac, CFT Group is able to provide turn-key and complete solutions also for the brewing industry. The Group offers compact machineries and complete lines suitable for every kind of brewery, from the small-medium to the big companies.

Stand Nº 6

Since 1945 we market almost whole hops grown in our country.
100% of hops have been cultivated in Spain and are processed in the modern facilities that the Company owns in Villanueva de Carrizo (León) under the highest quality standards.
To supply any hop variety and hop products to any kind of brewer is the main goal of the company.

Stand Nº 10

Krones is a technology group, a service provider and a world leader in the beverage and liquid food industries, we supply everything needed to generate value.

We develop, plan and implement:

    • Turnkey factories, beverage processing plants, filling and packaging lines
    • Material flow and storage systems
    • Recycling plants for PET, PP and PE-HD
    • Digitization of entire factories
    • Process Automation
    • Packaging design development
    • Components and consumables

Stand Nº 36

Landaluce is a family business founded in 1948. Found in more than 70 countries and working for the most important breweries, it has the best technology across the craft brewery sector. In addition to brewhouses and fermentation tanks, Landaluce has developed products especially for the craft world such as press filters, hoppers, propagators, etc., enabling the use of the most modern technologies in the manufacturing of craft beer.

Stand Nº 12

PolyKeg® – leader in the design and production of one-way PET kegs – will be presenting the next generation kegs from its new production site in Barcelona, the 16th of march.
The next PolyKeg® keg generation has a new eco-design, an innovative pressure relief valve and even better handling, stackability and logistics.
PolyKeg® also developed a new modular and compact production line that improves sustainability and reduces logistic costs.
Meet our team and subscribe to the opening party to discover how the PolyKeg® keg is made.

Stand Nº 32

Polarclean is a simple yet innovative push-fit drinks dispense range, conceptualized and developed by John Guest. The improved of Polarclean compared to traditional ‘contact’ cooling, allows pubs, bars and restaurants to serve extra cold beer at every pour, without a cold-room or secondary cooling device. Polarclean can be deployed from keg to tap and helps overcome product stagnation by keeping every part of the system consistently cold. By maintaining a low temperature environment it may be possible to considerably reduce beer-line cleaning frequency.

Stand Nº 29

With over 40 years’ experience, Reyvarsur Dispensing is dedicated to providing solutions for the dispensing of keg beverages. Extensive technical knowledge and a mastery of technology allow us to develop projects and complete solutions to facilitate our clients’ work. We are manufacturers so we can customize our products, adapt to small series and exceed customer expectations in the search for the perfect beer.

Stand Nº 23

Sale, rental and technical service of professional beer dispensers.
Online sale of technical material of dispense.
Facilities for CraftBeer, bars and restaurants.
Two own CraftBeer . (Zurich & ArteSants)
Official distributor of Leikeim & Altenburger.

Stand Nº 23

Molina for Brewers is by the brewery’s side to help it develop new products, offering the most-recognised brands of speciality ingredients to make the best beer with quality service. Our activity supplies the whole of Spain and Portugal, where we are collaborating with leading producers in their categories such as Weyermann, Fermentis, Charles Faram, Biolupulus,TNS, Ashland and Dupont. Believe in our beer masters and enjoy the passion of creation!
Stand Nº 26

Sefiltra is a company specialized in fluid filtration, with extensive experience in the beer industry.

Filtration is a very important phase in brewing, and guarantees a clean, bright and stable product. Because of our experience, we can guide and advise beer producers on the best filtration technologies, so that their product meets the desired quality and microbiology parameters, and all this without losing the organoleptic conditions that make it so special.

Please ask us for some obligation-free advice.

Stand Nº 20

Design and manufacture of machinery with the most advanced technology to dispense pre- and post-mixed drinks (beer, soft drinks, juice, wine, water, etc.)
Coolers, columns, taps and accessories.
Celli Service division: in Spain we have a package available including installation, upkeep and data management.

Stand Nº 14

We are different! You have to know it!
With us, you will find a solution that will adapt to your growth. You will not have to finance an oversized plant designed to satisfy a hypothesis of future growth. With SIMATEC you will have a plant that is sized for what you need today but is able to grow with you. Only when you need it.
You will save financial resources to be used for the development of your business, which will make it more solid to respect the growth foreseen by your business plan.
Our concept of modularity allows the brewery to have a brewhouse that is always adequate for the real production need.

Stand Nº 17

With decades of experience in packaging equipment, Wild Goose Filling designs and builds flexible craft beverage canning and bottling systems that grow with you. As pioneers of the first craft filling systems, Wild Goose’s custom equipment is engineered with patented technology that maintains the highest packaged quality levels. Modular, compact design with intuitive control, accurate fills and precise seals means craft brewers can package products reliably and expand packaging operations affordably. Wild Goose’s global team proudly serves more than 2,000 customers around the world.

Stand Nº 39

Alfa Laval and Craft Beer

We offer our clients solutions to overcome even the most difficult and critical trials in their processes. From individual components and units to turnkey projects, our solutions are designed to produce quality beer, optimise production and reduce energy costs with a minimal impact on the environment.

Alfa Laval’s range of BREW centrifuges has been specially designed for all needs and capacities in the craft beer-making process.

Get in touch: [email protected]

Stand Nº 24

American Beer Equipment (ABE), located in the Heartland of America, has a very simple mission; “Be THE worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying craft brewing equipment.” ABE proudly provides the world’s brewers and distillers with high quality, innovative, custom built equipment with unbeatable personal service. ABE is dedicated to being your complete one-stop source from brewhouses to canning lines and everything in between. If you can brew it, ABE can design and build it!

Stand Nº 9

Beer Events SL was founded in 2012 by 4 partners with links to the craft beer sector since the 1990s. Originally, it born as a response to organising the “Barcelona Beer Festival”, but has gradually expanded, specialising in the management of events linked to craft beer at all levels; always operating with the goal of spreading our passion for quality craft beer.

Stand Nº 22

Specifically aimed at for our CRAFT clients, we have created teams aimed at supporting growth and productive diversification.
By using Plug & Play units we can optimize production efficiency and reduce operating costs.
YEAST PROPAGATORS, automated temperature, pressure and aeration controls to ensure cell-mass quality.
DRY HOPPING unit allows the pellets to be incorporated into the recirculating fermenter.
TANGENTIAL FILTRATION through membranes that stabilize beer, allowing it to maintain its organoleptic characteristics for months.
STERILE FILTRATION with BevCart final cartridges for maximum safety.

Stand Nº 18

BWT: We understand water, we understand beer. Water is the main component of beer and one of the most critical in its production. The elimination of chlorine and odours, the control of alkalinity or the seasonal variation of the mineral composition are some of the aspects that can affect the quality of the beer. At BWT, we are specialists in water treatment, and we love beer. That’s why we know how to control and adjust water quality to ensure perfect beer lots. BWT is the European leader in water technologies. BWT- For you and Planet Blue –

Stand Nº 27

Established in 1868, Castle Mal­ting® is the oldest malting company in Belgium and one of the oldest in the world. We offer a wide range of premium quality malts for any type of beer or whiskey: more than 80 types of base and special malts, also available in organic versions.

Stand Nº 11

Cerveceros de España, represents almost all of the sector’s production, defending its unity and diversity, promoting the value of beer and offering all its associates, regardless of size, business support services and the opportunity to internationalization

Stand Nº 25

The AETCM aims to promote, develop and promote research in the beer industry and related industries, as well as the dissemination of the beer culture through activities that contribute to promoting the generic quality of beer, and in particular Spanish beer.

Stand Nº 25

La Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta has as its priority purposes the promotion of teaching and research in the beer and maltese fields, through the Master in Beer Science and Technology and different courses focused on all those who wish to train in this sector.

Stand Nº 25

Inoxgc is a company specialised in making professional equipment for beer making, bottling and canning. We offer different solutions to meet our clients’ production needs.
Our products include:
– Different capacity mashing stations from 500 to 5000 litres. Gas or steam.
– Vertical or horizontal isobaric fermenters. From 500 to 10,000 litres.
– Automatic isobaric bottling machine with rinser and automatic sealing from 1800 to 3000 bottles/hour.
– Semi-automatic canning machine and closer from 400 cans/hour.
– Automatic labeller up to 2000 bottles/hour.

Stand Nº 28

A company specializing in the supply of beverages since 1996. The sale and distri­bution of technical material for production, fabrication and dispensing of beverages, including beer, wine, coffee, vermouth and many others. More than 30 years’ technical service experience with the dispensing of beer and other beverages. Advisory service and quotes for projects, the cleaning and maintenance of dispensing systems, fa­cilities for individuals, and large projects. Company focused on both individuals and homebrewers, craft brewers and hospitali­ty professionals such as bars, restaurants, brewpubs and breweries.

Stand Nº 39

Established in 1923, it is a leading European company in the production and marketing of crown caps. Throughout these more-than-90 years of service, we have become known for our attention to detail and customer service, our respect for the environment and sustainability, and our constant updating of our production equipment, which allows us able to be competitive on all levels. We are certified by the norms FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001. At José Combalía S.A., the crown cap is history and the future!

Stand Nº 30

Selected Brewing Ingredients: purchasing partner for (micro)breweries
SBI (Selected Brewing Ingredients) provides (micro)breweries throughout Europe with the best selected ingredients. As a personal purchasing partner, we offer competitive prices and fast delivery.
This together with our customer-oriented service, characterises SBI as an organisation.

One-stop-shop makes it easier to order so brewers can focus on what they are best at: brewing quality beer!
We listen to the wishes and needs of the market and think along with the breweries.
We have been doing this since 2009.

Stand Nº 7

THIELMANN PORTINOX is equipped with the greatest levels of expertise when it comes to beverage containers. Being guaranteed that all of your company’s drink containers are made with the highest quality stainless steel means having a distribution solution that offers the highest returns on investment, in addition to this being the most hygienic, reliable, safe and 100% recyclable material. Ensure the organoleptic properties of your product, from the production stage right to the end consumer.

Stand Nº 13

Thonhauser: PST Technologies – Verification in real time

Together with its American parent company AFCO, THONHAUSER supplies innovative and needs-based complete solutions in the field of hygiene technology for the food and beverage industry. With the globally recognized THONHAUSER Persulphate Color Change Technology, cleaning results can be verified during the cleaning process in real time. This precisely patented color technology is just one of the company’s innovations that have become an indispensable part of hygiene technology.

Stand Nº 15

The Beer Research and Teaching Institute (VLB) was founded in 1883. 140 employees work in the areas of research, teaching, analysis and technical support.
VLB Berlin is an independent organisation known internationally as one of the leading competence centres for applied research, training and services for the beer and drinks sector.
VLB guarantees innovative solutions for all types of requirements, ensuring the highest quality standards and competent advice, supported by cutting-edge equipment and highly qualified staff.

Stand Nº 21

White Labs, Inc. is an international company headquartered in San Diego, California that provides liquid yeast, fermentation products, services, analysis and education to professionals and enthusiasts alike. With locations around the world, White Labs continues to raise the bar in the art of fermentation, while stretching the limits of science to set new standards in purity and freshness. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, the White Labs’ innovative spirit is tireless. Learn more at

Stand Nº 31

Cloud software for the management of breweries, easy to use and very intuitive, among its main features are:
– Provides the data to the SILICIE system
– Provides Processing costs
– Traceability
– Stock control

Stand Nº 2

We are a group of producers that have come together with the clear objective of offering top quality hops that are free from traces of chemical products. We are earth. We are craftsmanship. We are experimentation. We are technique. We are ecology. An ideal product to make high quality craft beer.

Stand Nº 1

The Cicerone Certification Program certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.

Stand Nº 3

GEA is one of the biggest worldwide producers of technology for food and drinks processing across a wide variety of industries. They specialise in machinery, plants and process technology and components, providing sustainable solutions for production processes.

Stand Nº 38

m+f KEG – TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG is a German company specialised in designing machines to wash and fill kegs and all the equipment related to beer and drinks kegs with over 45 years’ experience.

Stand Nº 5

Pure Fresh Liquid Yeast prepared to order for each customer – ready to pitch quantities. Extensive strain collection. Regular culture supply.

Yeast Bank for brewers, NCYC cares and preserves your brewing yeast strains. Laboratory services, strain isolation and purification.

Stand Nº 4

BrauBeviale is one of the most important capital goods trade fairs for the beverage industry worldwide. With more than four decades of experience in trade fairs and congresses for the international beverage industry, it is part of the Beviale Family network which is now offering a range of new, targeted events to get even closer to the target groups worldwide – even for a specific type of drink such as craft beer. Whether your focus is on the global market or in regional sections, Beviale Family events will bring you closer to your market. Right now, Beviale Family summarizes different events in about 10 countries worldwide. To be continued…

Management software for craft beer factories

We are the most complete management system designed exclusively for breweries. With Gestión Cervecera (Beer Management) you can consolidate all the necessary information for the administration, control and decision making needed for your business.

100% of beer management on Microsoft’s cloud that can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

Ask for your FREE trial at [email protected] Mentioning this event and you get 3 months FREE SYSTEM CONTRACTING.

Consultancy firm specialized in the management of permits, authorizations and declarations for breweries: Sanitary Register, CAE (Code of Activity and Establishment), environmental licenses, Special Tax Accounting Books (new system SILICIE).
Agro-industrial engineering, study, advice and technical execution of brewery projects, industrial safety, food quality, etc.


Passion about distribution since 2004. More than 500m2 of refrigerated chamber. Exclusives as Ayinger, Brigthon, Oakham, Five Points, DOT, Italian, and specialty in belgian and lambic such as Cantillon, Oud Beersel, Tilquin; national beers as Cierzo, Dougalls, Basqueland, Caleya, Agullons… shipments and distributors throughout the entire national territory!


We have been importing and distributing the best brands of craft beer in Spain since 1965. We look after the product from its origin, keeping it chilled during both import and storage. Being EXPERTS in the sector and providing a WIDE RANGE and QUALITY SERVICE is what defines us. ROGUE, LUPULUS, DUVEL, ABK, DUPONT, NOGNE, CANTILLON, NAPARBIER, BEERCAT…


Official distributors in Catalonia for 3 Fonteinen, Cloudwater, Lervig, Fuerst, Popihn, Alefarm, Amundsen, Fraugruber, Pohjala, Poppels, Gamma, Kernel, Magic Rock, Beavertown, Kees, Brewski, Dry&Bitter, Uiltje, Wild Beer, Pochs, Hopsters, De Molen, Alvinne, LHG, O/O…
Contact us and we will be able to provide you with advice.


Imports and official distribution channel for some of the most renowned factories such as Northern Monk, Broaden & Build, Thornbridge, Frontaal, Buxton, Lambrate, Moor or BBNo. Our client list also includes national companies such as La Pirata, Cyclic, Lo Vilot and Dougall’s among others. 3000m3 area for cold storage. We provide advice, installation and maintenance for taps. Offices and warehouses in Barcelona and Madrid.


Distributors of Soma, Garage, Màger, CBF, Laugar, Agullons, Vic Brewery, Fort, Pirata and Montseny. Importers to Spain of d’EQ, Sand City, LICBP, Brekeriet, Wander Beyond, Burnt Mill, Partizan, Pressure Drop, Boundary and Hof Ten Doormal. 600m3 refrigerated chamber and cold delivery.


We import Canadian craft beer to Europe. Our inventory includes Canadian ciders, and beers from USA and European countries. We are based in Europe and North America. We have a warehouse in Barcelona and our company’s strategic location in Montreal allows us to act as a link between both continents.


All of us at ViH0P are passionate about Beer! A refrigerated warehouse in BCN with more than 600 References. We Taste EVERYTHING and We Offer You the Best!
We offer you: SOMA Beer, Drunken, WYLIE, Malandar, RecBrew, DouGall’s, Caleya, RedNeck, GUiNEU, JaKoBsland, Peninsula, La Quince, Reptilian, Blue River and many more! Just ask!


At Crusat S.A. we import and distribute beers. We select only the best brands, and distribute them through our network of partners across the country. We organise and offer tasting sessions, presentations about our represented brands, beer training for the on trade. Training and advice about your brewing project. Stone Brewing, Fürstenberg, Almogàver, Weihenstephan, Chimay


Your beer needs a Brand Ambassador – even if you don’t know it yet.Try Nifty Beer Crew. DO IT differently.

Distributors of imported and national craft beer since 2012. We work with the country’s key importers as well as distributing several of the best-known national craft beers directly in Aragon. We have a chilled warehouse.


Practical Information

Dates: Provisionally set for the end of 2020.

Festival Opening Times:

  • Friday and Saturday: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Sunday: 11:00 – 21:00

BBF Pro Expo Opening Times:

  • Friday and Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00
  • Sunday: 11:00 – 15:00


La Farga de l’Hospitalet

Carrer Barcelona, 2, 08901 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Public Transport:

  • Tube: Line 1 (Red)
    • Stop Rambla Just Oliveres


We do not have parking spaces assigned to the festival. There is paid parking in the shopping centre next to the festival premises.